Our story - Halopack
Our goal

90% plastic reduction

Halopack uses less plastic

HALOPACK is produced with renewable or even recycled cardboard and creates optimal conditions to remain the quality of the food.

Due to the unique and patented production process no virgin sourced cardboard materials are required, minimizing the impact the packaging has on the environment. And best of all, HALOPACK is very easy to recycle. The peelable thin inner layer can be split easily from the cardboard, leaving a renewable cardboard that suits recycling requirements. Eco-friendly packaging isn't an option anymore. It’s a duty.

Research & development

Better product presentation and improved environmental performance.

These key aspects were set by us to create a sustainable solution of added value for the application of modified atmosphere in carton trays.

Research & development
Contact us

Halopack uses a strong network of local production partners. For local inquiries, feel free to contact our partners directly.

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