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HALOPACK Anything but ordinary.

Reduces food waste
A solution for every product
Great product presentation

Halopack uses less plastic

Planet proof

HALOPACK is produced with renewable or even recycled cardboard, without sacrificing the quality of the food. Due to the unique and patented production process no virgin sourced cardboard materials are required, minimising the impact the packaging has on the environment. And best of all, HALOPACK is very easy to recycle. The peelable thin inner layer can be split easily from the cardboard, leaving a renewable cardboard that suits recycling requirements.

Marketing opportunities

The HALOPACK Packaging Solution’s patented design offers the possibility to print on ten sides. This way your product has the opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

Marketing opportunities

Easy inline production

The HALOPACK packaging system has a patented design that is fully sealable. We offer inline production possibilities that provides you with unique benefits as to transportation, logistics and conservation of the packed product.

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Benefits to discover

Keeps food fresh longer

HALOPACK is a hermetically-sealed board tray designed to extend the shelf life of daily fresh food. By modifying the atmosphere in the cardboard packaging optimal preservation conditions can be met, keeping products fresh longer and reducing food waste.

Uses the bare minimal of resources

HALOPACK weighs less than standard packaging solutions, using the bare minimal of resources for production. And you can even tell your environmentally conscious customers that HALOPACK uses only 10% plastic.

Ready to get frozen and reheaten

HALOPACK trays are capable to resist a wide range of temperatures. Storage in the freezer and reheat in the microwave, some are even ovenable!

Is free of additives

HALOPACK does not use additives like adhesives during the production process, it's just film and cardboard. HALOPACK keeps fresh food clean and conserved at it’s optimum.

Benefits to discover
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Halopack uses a strong network of local production partners. For local inquiries, feel free to contact our partners directly.

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