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Quality Pack - The Bio Veggie Company

The Bio Veggie Company saves 7 tons of plastic per year through sustainable packaging.

Quality Pack - The Bio Veggie Company

The Bio Veggie Company, the Belgian label for organic and vegetarian burgers, nuggets and croquettes has been running at full speed in recent months. Due to the growing interest in healthy vegetarian alternatives, 25% more sales were made during the corona crisis. The brand was also active with product innovation: all products were put in a recyclable package. With the new HALOPACK packaging and trays, the Belgian company is contributing to a healthier environment and more sustainable retail. With the introduction of the new packaging made from renewable materials, the label saves nearly 7 tons of plastic per year.

The Bio Veggie Company was founded three years ago by Delphine Van Goethem as a brand new label, alongside the already established brand De Paddestoel, which has been available in organic shops for over 30 years. The Belgian organic labels offer quality, vegetarian alternatives in the supermarket, organic and natural stores and the better catering. With The Bio Veggie Company, Delphine wants to inspire and convince Belgians that organic and veggie food is tasty and accessible to everyone.

Huge increase

Since the start of The Bio Veggie Company, not only has the organic market grown, but the mindset of the consumer who longs for a healthier lifestyle, the so-called "casual veggies", has contributed to good growth figures in recent years. With a turnover of 2.5 million euros for the financial year 2019, the Belgian label recorded a growth of 12%. “We see the number of casual veggies increasing enormously, with a huge peak during the corona crisis. being at home a lot, stimulated many to get creative in the kitchen and to experiment with healthy alternatives. The motivation to occasionally eat vegetarian food appears to no longer be limited to reducing animal suffering, environmental awareness and health also play a major role. With this new packaging we contribute an extra bit to the preservation of green nature, ”Delphine explains.

Savings on plastic

In 2019, 824,000 trays containing two burgers were sold. This year, The Bio Veggie Company hopes to produce more than 1 million trays of burgers in the new packaging. This saves the company 6.7 tons of plastic on an annual basis. “I am aware that I cannot change the world on my own. But if all retailers and shopkeepers, in collaboration with their partners and suppliers, look for innovative solutions and if more consumers will make more environmentally conscious purchases, we will go a whole step further in creating a better environment.” Delphine concludes.

Recycled and Renewable

The new trays are made from recycled and renewable cardboard, minimizing the impact of the packaging on the environment. In addition to the familiar package with two burgers, from today there will be four burgers available in one package. This is not only beneficial for the consumer, but also has a positive effect on the waste mountain. The veggie and organic burgers, nuggets and croquettes in the new packaging and trays are now available at Bio-Planet, organic and natural stores and the better catering business.

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