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Claus Frischgeflügel

The first HALOPACK trays succesfully left the factory

Claus Frischgeflügel

Despite the current Covid-19 situation, the topic of sustainability and innovation has not moved into the background at Frisch-Geflügel Claus. The company worked with passion on the vision of implementing plastic-saving and also hygienically perfect packaging on the market. After successful internal quality management tests, the new HALOPACK tray is allowed to leave the factory.

“With our modern, hybrid and sustainable packaging, the plastic content is reduced by up to 80%. As a completely gas-tight MAP packaging made predominantly of cardboard, it ensures an excellent shelf life for the food. The sustainable look is directly recognizable through the natural appearance and is therefore a sales argument at the same time, ”emphasizes Managing Director Stefan Claus.

The products in the Halopack range are extensive. Whether chicken, turkey or corn products, important certifications and three different seasonings, the poultry supplier offers all of this in a 500 gr. tray. In the future, other sizes will also be offered in the range.

Further information of the new Halopack bowl is available on the customer website:

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